Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Comfort Rest Organic Futon Mattress


A few weeks after I started working for this futon company, I took a weekend off to go visit my buddy in Tucson, AZ. After a six hour drive, you’d think I’d be pretty tired, right? Wrong. I was in AZ with my buddy; I wanted to see what Tuscan was all about! He HAD to show me his favorite bars, or clubs, or whatever it is they like to do in midsize Arizona cities. So as soon as I got here, we left. He showed me some of his favorite places, and I had a great time. Good music, good beer, good friends. After everything closed down, we were all ready to head back. The six hour drive was finally starting to take its toll. I was tired.

“Let me get your bed ready for you” he said. He then walked over to the couch and threw a pillow on it. “Here you go” he said, and walked back to his room.


Of course he was just kidding. He walked back to the couch and pulled out what was one of the flimsiest little hide-a-beds I’ve ever slept on and immediately said, “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.” Usually, when people say “it’s not that bad,” it’s bad. So how was it? Truthfully, it wasn’t THAT BAD, but that didn’t make it ok either. After a long day like that, I wanted comfort. I wanted to wake up a feel, maybe even if only for a split second, that I was at home, in my own bed. Working for The Futon Shop, situations like these are my specialty. It’s a funny situation to think about, but that night, on my vacation, I was actually wishing I was back at work of all places, only instead of sleeping on this flimsy little hide-a-bed, I was on one of our own futons (I promise you I don’t sleep at work).  

Monday, June 30, 2014



Futons have been around in western culture for over three decades, and have only gotten better over the years. Originally from Japan and placed on the floor, futons were adapted for western use by putting them on a convertible frame. The frames bring the sleeping surface up off the floor, and of course gives the seating option. These days a futon has newer styles and uses better materials, and is more of a long term piece of furniture.

Hardwood futon frames are more durable than pine or cheap iron, and new wallhugger futon frames don't need to be moved when converting. Futon mattresses have also come forward leaps and bounds, now available with materials like inner coils, memory foams, and latex. For those of us looking to make our homes a little greener, Organic futon mattress options have become popular and use natural materials like certified organic cotton and wool. Try out these old classics with a new twist.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014




Futon, eh? I think when most people think of the word futon they think of some junkie piece of furniture that they had in college! I think futons get a bad rap because of that black tubular metal frame that really sucks and when you lay on it you can feel the bars underneath you. The problem with that setup is that it is cheap all around! Because of the bars on the frame a cheap mattress just doesn't work well with it! That damn thing has been giving futons a hard time since its conception! Remember do not by futon from Target or Walmart! They suck! What you expect for 150 bucks?!

I'm not so big on technology. I think technology rises only to the downfall of civilization! But who doesn't like the Internet? I can look up baseball statistics, find out what going on behind-the-scenes in pro wrestling (my favorite sport/entertainment) and basically find out anything I want any time I want. Pretty appealing eh? So my challenge to you, is to look up a futon! I think you'll be more than surprised just how classy and elegant futon can look these days, not to mention comfortable! Here we go again with technology! We have so many different types of memory foam, latex and other materials that are all around comfy stuff! So why not put that in a futon?! Obviously, they do! But be sure to go to an expert so you can see just how easy it is to personalize your very own futon!

I mean when you're buying a couch do you ever get to choose the quality of the cushion as well as the style and fabric? Of course you don't. If you're not compromising on one thing then it's another. But not with a futon! And a futon makes a bed, duh! I also like that I can put my money on what matters to me….. Comfort over style every time! I don't need the world's most expensive fabric or design of frame. I just love the world's most comfortable mattress! And when I can substitute style and not quality, while that works for me just fine. So do yourself a favor, go down to a place like the futon shop where they specialize in futons, or take a look at their website and I'll be darned if you never knew just how cool futons can be, not to mention comfortable!  

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Futon Shop proudly present The Harmony Organic Futon Mattress, a firm and supportive mattress with pure and Eco-friendly ingredients hand made locally in San Francisco. The Harmony Organic Futon Mattress is constructed with 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton and 4 inches of bio-based convoluted Eco-friendly soybean foam that is Certi PUR-US Certified.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Organic Futon Mattresses

Organic Futon Mattresses Chemical Free mattresses for your home are made for every day use sitting or sleeping. Our Organic Futons  Mattresses are made with USDA certified Organic Cotton, 100% Natural Dunlop Latex, 100% Natural Virgin Wool, Pocket Coils and Springs as well as Soy-Based Foam and soy-based Memory Foams and Gels. All of our Organic Futon Mattresses are hand made in San Francisco, California and is the very best for your family. Good for the planet, good for your family, good for your health, that's what our Organic Futon Mattresses are all about.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Durango Warm Cherry Wallhugger -Warm-Cherry/p/659/4872

The Durango Wallhugger Futon Frame Warm Cherry available in  Full/Double or Queen Size features traditional style futon frame, the arm style has a much closer to the traditional futon look than most of our wallhugger futon frames. It features a narrow flat surface on the top of the arm perfect for setting. The Durango Wallhugger Futon Frame Warm Cherry is a classic look that has withstood the test of time.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Orion Wallhugger Frame-Black-Walnut/p/659/682

The Orion Wallhugger Futon Frame Black Walnut comes in only Full/Double an features an ultra modern design with horizontal rails along the arms and back . The finished back allows you to turn this beautiful sofa into a gorgeous day bed and back while the easy, patented wall hugger technology ensures you won't be throwing out your back while doing it. Aside from bold elegance, The Orion Wallhugger Futon Frame gives you the added benefit of being a true wall hugger futon. This allows you to open and close the futon sofa to a bed without having to move it away from the wall at all. The Orion Wallhugger Futon Frame makes a great space saving futon for any living space.